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Artist Bio
"Stylistic" a.k.a. Alfie Doss was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. As a youth, he became very interested in early eighties' hip-hop being influenced by everyone from Afrika Bambaata to Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five to Run-D.M.C., but mostly the latter. After studying hip-hop for quite a while, Stylistic began to write songs around the age of eleven, but it wasn't until the time he attended high school that Stylistic would collaborate with other groups that influenced him to take the culture seriously.

Several years later after high school, though he was still collaborating, Stylistic had started to hang amongst music producers who had access to studios where he would receive his first lessons in music production. In the year of 1999, after going solo, Stylistic had taken all of the money he managed to save and invested it in his first music equipment. Since owning his own equipment, Stylistic has written, composed, and produced six albums.

Currently, Stylistic is working on a new project that will feature his most accomplished production to date. And although he normally works alone, he is preparing to branch off and network with new and upcoming artists, producers and, promoters. Anyone looking for production from Stylistic can reach him at (773) 597-8170 or at blackdollars2001@yahoo.com .

SteppersUSA Review
Stylistic is trying his hand in the steppers market and has come up with a couple of samples for SteppersUSA.Com to promote. For the sake of feedback we are going to call the samples Steppers 1 and Steppers 2. Listen to the samples (on the left) and Rate the Song. Let us know what you think about the samples provided. Can you step to these songs?

Listen to a couple of samples

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