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Killer Tip # 1
To avoid bouncing, do the dance like your walking and let your natural sway come out.
Submitted By Kimberly

Killer Tip # 2
Powder on the dance floor does help with the turns and all that. But at the end of the night, your shoes and for some women, your legs have powder all on them. Some club owners don't want you to put powder on their floor because if someone slips and falls guess who will be sued??? So LC and Charlette suggested to me packing tape. That's right you put that clear packing tape on the bottom of your shoe and you will spin like a top. I know because I have some in my Steppin' Bag. (LOL)
Submitted By: Ms. Cynthia

Killer Tip # 3
To avoid getting dizzy when executing turns, make sure you always spot. Spotting entails finding one object to focus on throughout the completion of your turn(s). This will keep you from becoming dizzy or lightheaded when you are put through several turns on the dance floor.
Wikipedia Definition:
A technique used during turns. The dancer chooses a reference point (such as his or her partner or a distant point along the line of travel) and focuses on it as long as possible. When during the turn it is no longer possible to see it, the head flips as fast as possible to "spot" the reference point again. This technique guides the body during the turn, makes it easier to determine when to stop turning, and helps prevent dizziness.
Submitted By: Kesha

Killer Tip # 4
"It's the shoes! It's the shoes! It's The Shoes! The right shoes make a big difference in the dance floor". Real Leather soles on a wooden dance floor have a completely different feeling than you get from street shoes.
Submitted By: Eric

Killer Tip # 5
Only dance to the music you feel.
Submitted by Jay

Killer Tip # 6
Do you want to make fast tight turns? Keep your elbows in. The tighter your elbows, the tighter your turn.

Killer Tip # 7

If it don't feel right, It isn't right.

Killer Tip # 8

Stepping is about footwork... Original footwork, Nothing else!
From Steppin Luther

Killer Tip # 9

Floor Etiquette is so essential on the floor when social dancing. Therefore your must always be aware of your surrounding to best protect you and your partner. Apologize and Excuse yourself when you bump into someone rather it's your fault or not. This practice can only make more of a pleasant night out.
Sandra Mason

Killer Tip # 10

Dance with confidence in yourself

Killer Tip # 11

Females - don't try to anticipate what your partner is going to do next, always follow.
Bruce Dyer

Killer Tip #12

I read the article about putting powder on the dance floor and using clear packin tape on your shoes to spin better. Another tip I receive from a ballroom dancer was using felt. It is sold in 9 x 12 inch sticky back pieces. You cut peel and stick to the balls of your shoes. I've tried several other tricks the felt works best of all. Sold for 99 cents a sheet in a variety of colors at most craft stors like Michaels.