Growing in our dance depends greatly on the ability to share what we've learned with others. There isn't a day that goes by when we hear an idea or suggestion about the wonderful dance we call Chicago Style Stepping.

Some people tell us something in a class as part of instruction, or perhaps we pick something up right on the dance floor when we are at a club or some kind of event. Perhaps we are having a conversation with other steppers and you learn something that causes you to say. "Oh Yea! I've been trying to figure that out"!

This is the way every dance on the planet was created and has progressed. It's all because someone tried something new and caused some sort of innovation in part of the dance and shared it with others! It might be something simple or technical as foot placement, or an idea to make dancing on a crowded dance floor a more fun experience.

That's a KILLER TIP!

No matter what the idea may be, if it's about stepping, send your "STEPPERS KILLER TIPS" to us and we will share them with everyone. You may write it down, make an audio tip, or even a video tip. We will post those "KILLER TIPS" on this site! It's time to share what you know!


Can you record a STEPPERS KILLER TIP on video? If so, send your video to us and we will publish it on these pages. (It doesn't have to be a fancy production, just a video demonstrating your tip).
contact usand we can record your tip! 

Can you record an AUDIO STEPPERS KILLER TIP? If so, email your audio tip and we'll place it on our pages!

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