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Save The Date! May 23rd - 29th 2017
NEW reservation policy in effect immediately is a first night charge on the credit/debit cards of the person reserving the room...this deposit is REFUNDABLE up to 30 days prior to the start of STEPAGANZA 2017 which is the date of April 24, 2017...if you decide to hold on to the reservation after that date then the charge becomes NON REFUNDABLE...this new method keeps folks from reserving huge numbers of rooms early only to be let go of later...the hotel and I get stuck trying to resell these rooms too close to the start date of the event and then there is a mass exodus from the other host hotels within the STEPAGANZA Group and it throws off the count for personnel purposes and it also keeps sincere customers from benefitting from the quality & convenience of what is now affectionately know as THE CAMPUS at STEPAGANZA UNIVERSITY!!!!....don't forget about the daytime lobby parties & Stepaganza cards/board games...You Can't Beat FREE