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  • 3/25/2015 The Steppers Beat [Column]

    The Steppers Beat

    Nobody Starts At The Top

    Many people ask me how I know what I seem to know about the dance and I tell them one set of things can be attributed to that knowledge. I watch, I listen, I talk and yes I've tried. If we use some common sense things will work out. Read More

  • 3/21/2015 The New York & More Report [Article]

    The New York & More Report

    The Emerald Set Review

    Looks like another East Coast “Don't Miss” steppin' event has emerged! The Emerald Set brought to you by one of my favorite steppin' groups, V.A.S.E.F. took place March 13-15th in Chesapeake, Virginia and this year's event showed its growth into a prime steppin' experience.   Read More

  • 3/4/2015 The Ohio Report [Article]

    The Ohio Report

    Boogie Nights Steppers Set Review

    Every so often a young person comes around that just "get's it", he or she has an old soul. The kind of younger person that absorbs knowledge is thoughtful and introspective. That sees the bigger picture and most important stays the course of tradition and encompasses integrity. Aki Carter aka "Columbus Keyz", I think, has just served notice to those that didn't know or doubted him. Read More

  • 3/4/2015 The Ohio Report[Article]

    The Ohio Report

    Getting back to Living

    I've had an especially rough fall and winter, where I'm being tested both physically as well as spiritually. Life has a way I'm told of dishing up curve balls at whatever pace it does, but no one expects them back to back to back! A "Head-On" Car Accident, the lost of Mother, and as of now… Pop's is hospitalized. I think it's a testament to the All-Mighty Up Above, that I'm still around to tell the story. Now on this day, I've decided to get back to living a Fun, Productive, and Loving Life. Read More

  • 3/3/2015 The Steppers Beat [Column]

    The Steppers Beat

    Bring Spring Already!

    It's March -- hopefully spring will get here soon. We are getting ready to set the clocks forward this weekend (a sure sign right?). I've been busy updating the site with another upgrade to make it even more user friendly to tablets and cell phones users.. Read More

  • 2/18/2015 The Steppers Beat [Column]

    The Steppers Beat

    All Star Steppers Retreat

    You're down south but it's still cold? Maybe you didn't go far enough south! This weekend in Houston Texas they're holding the 3rd Annual All Star Steppers Retreat. The event is brought to you as a joint venture by Dazzlyn Production, DanceHouston Social Club, and Word of Mouth Productions. Read More

  • 2/16/2015 The Steppers Beat [Column]

    The Steppers Beat

    Any Way You Say It...

    So let me get this straight... If you or I have been around the steppers community for two to four years "dancing" it means you're qualified to be in the "Intermediate Category" in the WLSC. Well it isn't the same as the now defunct "Out of Town Category" where the only qualification was you had to be an out of town (not in Chicago) stepper. Read More

  • 2/9/2015 The Steppers Beat [Column]

    The Steppers Beat

    But We've Always Done It That Way...

    Oh I've heard, "But we've always done it that way..." so many times in so many different forms and I generally have a response to that worn out statement. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against tradition (even though I'm not sure how long something needs to be done before it can be called a tradition) but I do like to see things done right. Read More

  • 2/5/2015 The Steppers Beat [Column]

    The Steppers Beat

    Blame It On The Weather

    I generally dislike speaking about the weather but it seems it's impact is becoming more significant as time goes on. As I get older I am more hesitant to run out to shovel snow for example. Every year you hear stories about (mostly men) over the age of 55 having heart attacks while shoveling that stuff. With my physical maladies I don't need to be outside shoveling. Read More

  • 1/29/2015 The New England Report

    The New England Report

    Snow And Classes And...

    I'm resting, during the middle of Blizzard 2015, in Boston MA. I thought this would be a great time to wrap up the month. New England is definitely in the news! New England Patriot's 7th AFC Championship sparked by rumors of deflating footballs. Say it with me "Super Bowl 49" Can you feel my excitement? What a great city to live in. I am a transient to Boston so here are some tidbits of steppers history on New England. Read More

  • 1/27/2015 The Steppers Beat [Column]

    The Steppers Beat

    I'm Not An Instructor - But...

    I'm not a steppers instructor by any means but I do know a bit about the dance. I was on Facebook yesterday when I noticed a post about an instructor that was bragging about teaching 10 different turns in the dance. The writer (Swan) and I both took a deep breath before saying they learned about three turns when they learned the dance. Read More

  • 1/22/2015 The Steppers Beat [Column]

    The Steppers Beat

    Press The Flesh

    I 'm learning all sorts of stuff in the new Steppers Planning Group (SPG) -- I guess it's not so much learning but recognizing things like we don't plan far enough into the future for many of our events. We rush to put the events together and within two months the event is over. Read More

  • 1/12/2015 The Steppers Beat [Column]

    The Steppers Beat

    Some Solutions - They Will Help

    I could have broken this into three more columns but I'd just find even more to add. The success of steppin' nationwide depends completely on how many people are steppin' -- we need to increase that number but can't do it if the people in the genre are constantly at odds with each other over childish disagreements and a unwillingness to work out those disagreements. There's a lot to cover so let's get to work! Read More

  • 1/8/2015 The Steppers Beat [Column]

    The Steppers Beat

    Happy Bad Year? Under Who's Control?

    Why do some promoters/instructors think they can dominate a large urban area expecting everyone to march to their drum beat or find the door? Why do some of these so-called promoters run around their "fiefdom" thinking they can control where students can learn the dance? At what point did they believe they could cross the line between free choice and control over those who just want to enjoy a dance or the learning experience? Read More

  • 1/7/2015 The Steppers Beat [Column]

    The Steppers Beat

    It's Inevitable - The Flow Is Changing

    I was going to talk about toxic promoters and their effect on the steppin' community but with the events of yesterday that got moved off the radar temporarily. As a preface to that story I feel the need to discuss the issue of teaching steppers first. Read More

  • 1/6/2015 The Steppers Beat [Column]

    The Steppers Beat

    Another star has Risen...

    The tragic loss of Damita Collins in such a violent manor really took me off of my square for more than a minute. Read More

  • 1/5/2015 Veronica Solomon Stepper's Report [Article]

    The Steppers Beat

    Dru Smith - Not an Epilogue

    From the Red and Black Affair to Home Going -- When Andrew "Dru" White Smith died we were not speaking. We hadn't spoken in about two years. The cause of our fallout is unimportant. It had nothing to do with the normal trappings of folks who fall out on the steppin' scene. Read More

  • 1/2/2015 The Steppers Beat [Column]

    The Steppers Beat

    It Starts Tonight...

    Happy New Year Steppers! I've got some stuff that's just as tasty as fish and greens and black eyed peas for New Years Day... This starts TONIGHT! . Read More

  • The Steppers Beat 12/30/2014 [Column]

    The Steppers Beat

    Making Change Happen

    New App, new page design, New Year. That sums up -- not really! But I have been making some progress on the new SteppersUSATODAY App. You'll notice if you come through the front door (just type www.steppersusa.com) if you're using a mobile device you are redirected to using the app which is a lot more mobile friendly than the rest of the site... for the time being. Read More

  • The New England Report 12/12/2014 [Article]

    Ms Sonia - New england Steppin

    The New England Report

    Welcome to our newest writer to the SteppersUSA family Ms Sonia from The New England region of the country who will periodically bring us news and articles from Boston and its environs. Remember you too can write for us -- if you have steppin' in your area people need to know about it! Contact Markie Bee at SteppersUSA or through Facebook. Help us keep the world informed. Read More

  • Sam Chatman 12/18/2014 [Article]

    Sam's Steppers Stories

    Sam's Story

    Someone asked me recently what was I valued most after being in the steppers game for so long. I had to stop and think for a minute: I was one of the first persons to use the phrase ''steppers"; what about "let's go to work"; or maybe "the steppers capital of the world; no maybe "for steppers only". Read More


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