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Posting Flyers and Pluggers on SteppersUSA will cost a minimum amount of money to give you maximum exposure to the Chicago style steppers community nationwide.
Your advertisement will appear among all of the listings with a thumbnail representation of your flyer which is clickable and will open a new window with your full screen sized event advertisement. When you place a plugger/flyer on SteppersUSA.Com, you will also get a banner advertisement which will appear in rotation with other similar ads in the relevant areas of the site as well as the home page with all other ads giving you maximum exposure to our sites visitors. Not only that, but your plugger will also appear on the front page as the "Plugger of the Day" on the home page of the site. Plus if you have a website, we can create a link right to your page to extend your advertising or to sell tickets online, so your customer isn't only on SteppersUSA.Com.

Type of Ad Cost Per Week Description
728x90 Leaderboard $15.00 Rotating banner ad located at top of page
300x300 Mid-Article Ad $15.00 Rotating ad located in the middle of articles
160x300 Mini Ad $10.00 Rotating ad located on the left or the right side of page
Static 160x600 Wide Skyscraper $20.00 Static (Non-rotating) ad on right side of page**
Static 300x450 Ad $20.00 Static (Non-rotating) ad on front page or on news page**
In-line Text Link Ad $10.00 Text ad with link to page with your flyer or website

***Please Note Check Availability of Space For Static Ad's Before Placing Order**

To order, please send an email to and include the type of ad and how many weeks (two week Minimum) you would like the ad to run. Please send your flyer as an attachment to your email. If you would like to advertise for three months or longer please let us know so we can give you a discounted rate. All orders will be billed on receipt of your email and must be paid before advertising begins.


Important Information:

We reserve the right to change the terms and price of any advertising agreement. We strongly advise planning your advertising to maximize your return on investment.
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