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A Place Of Our Own

Written by Markie Bee on April 18, 2016.

Would it be a case of 'if they build it' the steppers will come? The question was asked on Facebook (in so many words) yesterday.

Myron (The R) Robinson Suggested steppers band together to purchase the Sabre Room in Hickory Hills. To those who have such a negative opinion on this idea... Please remember there are steppers in Chicago who have and run businesses.

Seems to me Tina (Kimbrough) is an owner and is operating a venue which caters to everyone and manages to fit steppers in regularly. That's 6978 Soul Food (for those of you who don't know). 

There aren't enough steppers to solely support a business you have to be able to cater to everybody. Of course the Stepper store has been around for years so we know a business based on steppers (at least in name) can work.

You need people who have money and are willing to invest in a business plan. The place isn't ideal but it's a place. There are plenty places in the Chicago area which may fulfill the needs of the steppers community.

I know the thought has gone through many people minds in the past. There's nothing wrong with that. I remember hearing about an instance where it was debated by one particular group years ago but for whatever reason it was dropped. A few years later the hall they discussed obtaining was demolished by the wrecking ball.

Toward the end of the Facebook conversation it was mentioned by (The R) that he was surprised at how few positive views he saw... Suggestions did come in on that post ranging from if you can come up with the cash & it's doubtful, to there's too much jealousy and envy in the community to have a million dollar investment without problems. The positive -- People coming together to invest/spend large sums of money usually works when they're experience Business people already. 

It would be nice to have several (yes I said several) large multi-purpose buildings in the Chicago area which could be branded with stepping as a primary activity. It/they could be used to divert children from the streets and into activities that would put them on the right side of the law.

But who am I kidding... we have events all over and we can't get enough in the way of sponsorship... meaningful price reducing sponsorship to augment those events. Heck most of the people putting on events aren't using contracts (some that are aren't honoring them)!

Does anyone think some steppers can overcome the communities own short-sightedness? Does anyone have a vision and either the means or the ability to convince others to see the vision and make it a reality?

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