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Think about This

Written by Markie Bee on April 13, 2016.

I had narrowed down what I was going to write about to six different things. Now I could write six different articles or I could do what I'm doing here instead. My intent is to make the field fertile to so the seeds of thought. My hope is it will spur honest discussion and growth in the community.

I've been involved with this community for 20 years and one of the things that really bothers me (and should bother you too if you consider yourself to be a promoter of steppin') is the fact that so many of you are mixing steppin with other dances.

Steppin' needs its own set to be able to either stand on its own or fail on its own. If you can't do that; perhaps you should step away from promoting. 

People who believe winning or placing in the WLSC will get you respect from Chicago steppers about your stepping skills are only fooling yourself. Chicago steppers lost respect for the contest years ago. The contest is about making money not the dance. Believing winning the contest will get you respect is like believing everything you see and hear on Facebook.

We all seem to accept that stepping came from bop; before that bop came from swing. If we understand this why can't we understand (new skool is a style of dance and has nothing to do with how long you've been dancing) new skool is not stepping it came from stepping but is different from stepping.

Leaders and followers are supposed to be roles in a partner dance. Knowing one's role and staying in one's lane always seems to be a problem in our community. Why do we have problems with floor etiquette people who have had no instruction in a class seem to understand it but many who have taken lessons have no idea.

First there was misinformation spread on social media about the 50 Yard Line. Yesterday misinformation was spread about the death of Tabitha Williams who is still alive despite the stories spread all over social media. So rumors and getting carried away with half-truths is how we roll? I hope not.

I don't know about you but I'm excited about going to St. Louis next month for Stepaganza.

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I'm looking for staff from Chicago, the East coast (Atlanta, Central Florida, North Carolina), the mid west beyond & including Chicago (Detroit), the west and  on the west coast (San Francisco/Oakland and Seattle). If you take photos -- that's great but it's not necessary (perhaps you know someone who takes photos at the set -- even with a camera phone) we are looking to keep the country informed about the world of steppin in your area.  Shoot me an email!

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