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When You Step

Written by Markie Bee on March 28, 2016.

One of the things I was able to do over the last year was take my time and read things I wanted to read but was unable to due to time constraints. When I read a book I generally hate putting it down for more than a few hours at a time -- I just don't want to have to remember important things from deep memory I guess.

One thing that happened during the year was an opportunity to read and review and offer edits to a young lady who was writing a novel about stepping. The first time I read through the story -- I finished it after reading it non-stop in a few hours. I think I was kinda vicariously on the scene with the characters.

The story was an easy read and (for me) a quick read especially for someone who is familiar with the world of stepping. It's also a nice introduction for those who wondered about the world of (out of town) steppers live in. 

It's good to see someone writing about the dance. You can see all of the elements of the so-called steppers lifestyle in the story of Gigi who is new to the steppers community in the twin cities.

The name of the book is "When You Step" and it's written by J.E. Harris. She just started a Facebook page for her writing (https://www.facebook.com/jeharriswrites) and the release date is set for April 26th 2016. I looked it up on Amazon and found it right here. If you want to reserve your copy you can order it now.

We need more written material for the world to see what the dance is all about. Think about it... every television show, and movie starts off as a screenplay (many screenplays start out as books). It's yet another way to bring steppin' to the masses (and grow the dance).

It would be good for the community to support the book and for those of you who have thought about writing to go to work steppers! It's another way to grow the dance.

SteppersUSA is  looking for people who can tell the story to the nation...
I'm looking for staff from Chicago, the East coast (Atlanta, Central Florida, North Carolina), the mid west beyond & including Chicago (Detroit), the west and  on the west coast (San Francisco/Oakland and Seattle). If you take photos -- that's great but it's not necessary (perhaps you know someone who takes photos at the set -- even with a camera phone) we are looking to keep the country informed about the world of steppin in your area.  Shoot me an email!

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