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The Ohio Report
By Tony Rome The Ohio Report #steppersohioreport

Colors Of Fall - Day To Nite Set - Columbus Ohio

Written by Tony Branch on September 14, 2015.

Ohio Steppers from throughout the state converged upon the capitol city of Columbus for "Together We Step" (Marcel & Angela Nowden) Annual "Colors of Fall". Every major city within in the state was well represented from Cleveland with Lolita Hite, Allen Davis, Rendia Mitchell, Choc & Shuga James, Cookie Proctor, & Arlene Williams heading up a very large congregation. Next up was Akron with The Rhythm Ryders of Jennifer Toles, Ivy Chandler, Joy Bufford, Tabaka Osonduagwuike, Trina Dunson, & Denise Crawford. 

Dayton came in with DJ Paul, Mary Baldwin, Angie & Jerae Byrd, DJ Chillnite & Kelly, Aric & LeaQwin Roebuck, & Tenia Foster - Dayton Urban Ballroom Group, The Cincy troops headed up by JB & April Burns, Warren & Marie Turner & Toledo with Juan Hall, and Kenneth Gregory. Iary Israel aka (Kat in the Hat) from "Word of Mouth Entertainment" (Stepaganza) also came to support. 

The musical mastery of Chicagoís Own DJ Myron "The R" Robinson had EVERYONE on the floor, playing the kind of music that made me want to step all night. He played the hell out of a combination of classics as well as new, the kind of music you just felt with you soul, and it translated to your feet. I have to give it to Myron... he just plain and simply DID THE DAMN THING. (Shout Out to Vin Ellen)

The Set had some intermission breaks one of which was a "grab bag" contest which started out with the ladies leading the men, with the 2 winning couples than exchanging partners with the final being woman on woman, vs. man on man... Kelly Roberts & Shuga James took home the prize over JB Burns and Allen Davis. As well there were group photos of each city represented at the Set. Being a native of Chicago, imagine my surprise to walk into the event and see Qiana Wilson, Wanda Boelter, Jacque Hood, Keisha Gilmore & Bobby Taylor! We donít get many visits from Chicagoanís, so it was great to see them.

Overall, this set was very successful. The only negative in my humble opinion, was the lack of a wood floor at the venue. But trust and believe we didnít let that stop us from having a great time. So congrats to the husband and wife team of Marcel and Angela Nowden for a fantastic event, and Iíll look out for more of the same in the future from the duo that is "Together We Step".

Special Mention: to the entire Steppers Community in Columbus for supporting this event, and helping to grow & expand the community in your city. Youíre to be commended for your efforts!

(Photo Credits: Angela Nowden & Warren Turner)
 See more photos from the event here

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