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Step With A Purpose - Follow-Up

Written by Tony Branch on June 9, 2015.

Cross the river in a crowd and the crocodile won't eat you. ~ African proverb
There is doubt Michelle Mason aka "DJ Butta" will not travel her road to wellness alone. Saturday Steppers showed and out for this beautiful sister, in a show of the level of love that makes putting together events like this well past worth it.

The Southern Ohio Steppers Associations' "Summer Madness 2015" was just what the doctor ordered! The prescription: 4 DJ's (DJ Oz *Louisville KY*, DJ Scorpio *Indianapolis, IN*, DJ Paul Ross "the Boss" *Detroit, MI*, and SOSA's own DJ Paul), we added an extra dance floor, a few of your favorite Steppers from across the Midwest, and Summer Madness was that formula. 

Once informed of her arrival, the Gentlemen of The Southern Ohio Steppers Association went to meet Michelle & Rendia (the newest member of Cleveland's Dancin' Don's and Diva's) at the car and escort then both personally into the venue and to her table, while the music stopped to announce Michelle's arrival to the set, as whoot's, holler's, and a standing ovation from the Steppers in attendance.

In attendance was a slew of Detroit Steppers leading with Drew "The Phenom" Alexander, Barbara Kolar Steeves, Zinne Kimbrough, & Patrice Pye. Kazemde Ajamu from Atlanta was in the building as well steppers from Columbus, Cincy, Indy, Nashville Tennessee, Ann Arbor, Toledo, Louisville, and Dayton had the floors packed.

The event had an issue as well; one of the venue's air conditioning systems went down, and of course steppers felt the effects of it, even though management did all they could to rectify the issue, and we opened both entrance doors wide, a professional was needed. And for that issue we apologize to all in attendance, and steppers accepted it, and danced on, as we were repeatedly told it wasn't our fault and the purpose was a bigger one. For that, we appreciate it.

Michelle Update: The gift of a living donation has been granted to Michelle from a childhood friend from Twinsburg, Sharon Evans. It has been approved by the Cleveland Clinic Board, and as of this writing, I'm awaiting a Surgery Date, hopefully by months end.

We the members of the Southern Ohio Steppers Association felt blessed to assist our Friend in her time of need, and wish to again THANK everyone who attended or made a contribution via her "Go Fund" account. Such a display of love and appreciation is contagious and I hope you all carried that same Love back home to share with others. One of the MANY reasons WE LOVE STEPPIN is because of the family like atmosphere that we all were apart of yesterday. THANK YOU ALL for making this event a success.

*Photo Credits*
Warren Turner, Rendia Wells-Mitchell, & Kenny Wilkinson of the Dayton Weekly See more photos from the event here

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