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Chicago Steppin In Memphis
By Shirley Floyd Chicago Steppin In Memphis

What An Event!

Written by Shirley Floyd on June 7, 2015.

It’s been over a week and Stepaganza is still buzzing across social media; pictures, videos, and chats among Steppers. This award winning event has captured the attention of the Steppin community all over this country. This successful working partnership and award winning DynaMICDuo; Iary Israel (the gentleman) and Deloris Mitchell (the sweetest lady) and their team, has managed once again to pull-off one of the greatest events of all times and they did it with such grace and dignity.

The slogan, You Can’t Beat Free, continues to capture the attention of everyone across the Steppin Communities; regular Steppers attendees and new Steppers who never attended Stepaganza..

This year's festival held its position as one of the most entertaining and socially important events on this year’s dance card. It was nothing short of Spectacular. The DynaMICDuo’s week long achievable goals lead to the success of Stepaganza 2015.

Each year they build on their success and make each goal a little higher. We can think of it as a metaphorical high jump. The bar was not too high, it was set just right. Stepaganza has earned recognition as being among the top and one of the BEST events that the Steppin Community has to offer.

What contributed to its success? In my opinion, several things had an impact on Stepaganza’s success. One was the power of social media and Iary’s great publicity and marketing strategies, great participants and their enthusiasm, and the positive spirit demonstrated by everyone who was in attendance.

Although I was not present at kick-off, I was able to capture a live report from Steppers near and far expressing how Stepaganza had been off the chain since their arrival on Tuesday. This week long fun-filled event was packed with festive activities.

In case you missed it or you were not in attendance, our week long activities included; An “All Male Boot Camp” featuring guest instructors, Staff Appreciation Set, Golf Outing, Official Meet and Greet with musical performances by Teddy Austin, Pajama Fashion Show, Cookout and Games Competitions in the park with FREE food, Main Event and the Lifetime Achievement Awards and Honorees, Concert Series with Musical Performers by “The Coleman Hughes Project” featuring Blue Magic’s lead singer, Stuart Orlando Morgan, Bible Class taught by Iary Israel, Denim and Diamond Set, and the Farewell Set. If that was not enough, there was room at the highly competitive Bid Whist table before, during and after each activity, which is always entertaining due to the “Trash Talking” by the players...lol. It was hilarious!

Iary and Deloris provided us with some of the BEST DJ's who gave us the highest quality service, and they rocked the house day and night. They were the reason for the non-stop Steppin weekend, sore feet, and body aches. The music was superb!

Every aspect of the event was enjoyable. However, one of the highlights for me is always Steppin in the Embassy Suites Hotel Lobby with live DJ's, who were Slamming and Jamming. Their skills and music spoke for themselves; INCREDIBLE. Steppers displayed their talent, moves and footwork, and was simply downright Steppin, hanging out, and having fun. I called it a no judgment, no critics and no analysts’ zone. I liked the conversations and relaxation. Hats off to DJ Dan Fielder and the entire family of WZON Radio.

Stepaganza is one of those “Can’t Miss Event” of the year for me. It was a Smashing Success and it’s getting better every year. Iary and Deloris and their staff showed us amazing generosity, kindness, hospitality and met our every need.

If you are on the hunt for some fun ways to kick-off Memorial Day Weekend 2016, check out one of the top events of the year; Stepaganza 2016. I highly recommend this event and I’m looking forward to next year. Let’s Dance in 2016!

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