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Stepaganza 2015 Goodies!

Written by Markie Bee on May 5, 2015.

I have to say a whole lot of people are excited about going to Stepaganza in St. Louis this month. I know I'm excited. There is so much happening over the Memorial Day week we know there's something for everyone.

In addition to the full weekend fare of stepping, almost non-stop parties, instruction, picnic, concerts and award ceremonies there are all sorts of other activities available to attendees. (See the full itinerary).

There's bowling (started this last year), Golf (new this year), the pajama fashion show, and there are other games scheduled (there are even games coordinators) for the nations largest free mega-event week.

Here's a first for Stepaganza, there will be a live band featuring classic old school hits performed by ex lead singer of Blue Magic Stuart Orlando Morgan. They will be in The Upper Level Ballroom. The music play list is all stepable too take a look:
1. Quiet Storm-Smokey
2. People Make the World Go Round-Stylistics
3. Sideshow-Blue Magic
4. Sexy Momma- The Moments
5. Daylight And Darkness-Smokey
6. Payback Is A Dog-Stylistics
7. Teach Me How To Love-Blue Magic
8. Hurry Up This Way Again-Stylistics
9. Sho Nuff Must Be Love-Heatwave
10. Summer Snow-Blue Magic
11. Betcha By Golly Wow-Stylistics

If you're driving to STEPAGANZA please pack your lawn/camp chairs in the trunk for Saturday's Cookout and concert -- we don't want you to have dew wet bottoms!

For those who worry about color coordination there is no special dress codes or colors for the events. Dress up or dress down it's all up to you! Being comfortable is most important. Also there are NO reserve tables or seats -- excluding Saturday Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients. 

Of course it wouldn't be Stepaganza without the Lifetime Achievement Awards The Main Event which will be held in the Lower Level Exhibit Hall. Twenty three people make up the class of 2015. Click here to see the list.

About money... the All Access Badge is $60 each for non residents of host hotels and all extra guests over 2 per room in the host hotel -- each individual event and Boot Camps are $20 at the door. Only Embassy Suites residents will be allowed the daily Free Breakfast up to 2 people per room...coupons will be $10 extra for guests over 2. There will also be coupons for the FREE drinks in the afternoon for guests of the hotel. And those Limited editions of event T Shirts sold at the event.

Friday's day events are combined Classic Dusty's Day Set & Boot Camps and just so you know -- Thursday thru Sunday parties end at 3am. There will be over 20 different vendors at Stepaganza so please support the Vendors businesses.

Also the entire event will be videotaped by Turn That Up TV for Chicago Local Cable TV once again.

For the full weeks itinerary visit Stepaganza.com. I'll see you in St. Louis!

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