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Year Of The Video

Written by Markie Bee on May 18, 2015.

There's very little doubt in my mind that 2015 is the year of the video. There are more video clips on Facebook than ever before. There's also a war being waged between Facebook and YouTube for video supremacy.

As I'm in preparation to make the trip down to St. Louis for Stepaganza 2015 week I want to encourage everyone to get those camera phones and video cameras and those cameras that shoot video to get those batteries charged and be ready to upload lots of those clips to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

I do want to encourage you to post your videos in the Steppers Video Facebook Group and share from there. It's an open public group which means everything posted there will be visible to the world. So if you haven't joined the group yet please do.

In these large sets like Stepaganza they aren't (or shouldn't be) turning the lights down so you should have plenty of light to make your video's pop. In darkened sets handhelds like phones and tablets generally can't produce enough light to make a video look good. If you're at a set and the lights are turned down ask them to turn them up.

The only reason to keep them down is set a mood that isn't possible anymore in a public place -- EVERYONE has a camera and you will end up on the internet. The days of stealing away to a juke joint or some steppers set to get it in (in the dark with that side chick). As the promoters realize these videos are their best social media advertising the rest will start to turn up those lights.

So when Stepaganza gets started its lights, camera, action! Get those videos of steppers doing what steppers do as they do it!

One thing Facebook seems not to be liking (Reducing views) is the release of the information about TV coverage of Stepaganza which is going to happen on Wednesday morning. Don't worry WE GOT THIS:

Word Of Mouth Entertainment LLC CEO Iary Isaiah Israel & President Delores Mitchell will be interviewed on FOX 2 News on Wednesday morning May 20, 2015 during the Morning Show 9-10 am.

We will be discussing the weekend events, what is Chicago Stepping, the central theme of this National event & the charitable contributions made to various organizations...Also there will be a demonstration of the dance marketed for public consumption showing the basics of the dance. A great opportunity towards the growth of the Steppin Community!!!

People are always trying to find ways to bring the dance to the masses like trying to get on TV for example. If we make the EFFORT to grow the dance TV will come to us! #‎steppersgripe‬

Well, I'm on the road early in the morning on Tuesday -- see you in St. Louis! Oh Yea, I'm giving away 2 tickets to the Detroit White Party while I'm at Stepaganza.

SteppersUSA is  looking for people who can tell the story to the nation...
I'm looking for staff from Chicago, the East coast (Atlanta, Central Florida, North Carolina), the mid west beyond & including Chicago (Detroit), the west and  on the west coast (San Francisco/Oakland and Seattle). If you take photos -- that's great but it's not necessary (perhaps you know someone who takes photos at the set -- even with a camera phone) we are looking to keep the country informed about the world of steppin in your area.  Shoot me an email!

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