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Idea Thieves, Deadbeats and Destroyers

Written by Markie Bee on April 5, 2015.

"You just don't know. What else can I say...?" How many times have you heard those phrases when it comes to our community? We just keep finding different ways to screw each other over for so many stupid and selfish reasons which boggle even the most fertile imaginations.

Over the last few years I've seen these very things happen on various fronts. Yes these situations made me angry at some level in each case but I continue to soldier on despite these aforementioned assaults on reasonable behaviors for adults.

Let's look at one situation through the eyes of a business owner/manager of a club. There is a great possibility many steppers may have taken stepping lessons through the years there. The instructor knows what's supposed to happen. People (their students) are supposed to buy some of your product during the class time. (These are the destroyers of the dance when they don't uphold their end of the deal).

The instructor also knows as part of the normal way things are done they should encourage their students to stay on at the set that follows to practice what they have learned. These things are what club owners expect in lieu of paying rent. You know as the owner/manager the lights, the heating/air conditioning, and the help all need to be paid. So what do you do if the instructor doesn't hold up their end of the deal?.

If what they've done to your business hasn't soured you to steppers (if steppin' is lucky) you fire the instructor and hire a new one whom you make it clear to what must be done to fulfill the business needs.

If our (steppin) community isn't lucky we end up loosing a place to go to step because the instructors never made it clear to their students when they are in a club or a bar they need to make a purchase to pay for their use of the space. You as an owner want people to be there (like cheers) but you also need people to understand -- that the place isn't the community center where tax dollars pay the rent and utilities.

Another Type of Deadbeat

Every few months or so I run into this type of situation with a client... I provide various services to the stepping community including managed website solutions and advertising/promotion services. Because of the nature of the business I've managed to make it clear to my clients that they must pay for the services I provide before I render the aforementioned services.

There have been cases where people make inquiries and say they want services but never follow-up and pay for the services they want. I don't publish for those deadbeats. They think they will get something for nothing and you know what? In this particular case they will get exactly what they put into it -- nothing!!!

The more nefarious deadbeat is the one who makes their first payment or two for the services then all of a sudden decides the web services provided don't need to be paid for using all sorts of "logic" in an attempt to keep me involved without paying for my services. Guess what? I can fire bad customers as easily as they can fire me. I will keep my businesses integrity at any cost. I feel these individuals are the lowest form of street thieves. They need to stop screwing others in the (steppin) industry -- one more than one case I have told them of the incestuous relationship they must have with their mother. Then I fired them as customers. What do you think these individuals do for the stepping communities' reputation?

Idea Thieves

Anyone who has spent time promoting in and around our steppers community has experienced this. You start something new and you experience some success and someone comes along behind you and replicates your idea. That's not a bad thing in itself -- as a matter of fact it's sort of flattering.

When it gets bad is when they take your idea and present it as their own. It's even worse when you publically asked them for their assistance and you get ignored even though there is great potential for mutual profit for all involved. They still turn around and present "their idea" to the public in an attempt to make all profit for themselves. It's called greed.

Once an idea has been published and put into action there are precedents created and legal recourses available but many steppers seem to be afraid of exercising their options. This piracy hurts the dance community and pollutes the DNA of the dance... why people don't take action -- I'm not sure.

In each and every case you can make comparison to the election for mayor in Chicago. If you believe the press and the advertising you see and hear on the air -- you're doing yourself a disservice. Why not dig in and do your own research (reading is fundamental)? See what has been really happening and make an informed decision. Once again if we let the status quo continue we will see no progress. Think about it.

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