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Over Here And Over There

Written by Markie Bee on April 25, 2015.

There are plenty of steppers sets in Chicago. In fact there are probably too many when you consider how many steppers actually come out on a regular basis. Promoters (and DJ/Promoters) spend their promoting efforts to those who are already in the game. They don't make noticeable effort to grow their sets with new people.

People who step on a regular basis are in short supply and when they float from one set to another, their presence is missed. I know the fact that they made the effort to be at the set is appreciated but without reinforcements coming into the set they leave makes the floor look barren.

As long as the promoters reach only goes to the lowest hanging fruit we will continue to see this problem. Perhaps this happens elsewhere but I haven't heard about it. I typically see the same people at their favorite sets and that's a good thing. We need more new people at all the sets. It means more effort is necessary to bring new folks into the party and teaching them the dance. 

There are new sets and parties happening on Thursday's including the revitalized set at the Pines which will be featuring all sorts of contests over the next few months.

For those of you who didn't know I've been staying in Gary, IN over the last few months and I've found a vibrant steppers community here. There are weekly steppers sets at the Red Ribbon Lounge at the Genesis Center on Wednesday nights, A steppers set at Romeo's Bar & Grill on Friday nights and a Sunday night set at Ques Lounge

Once again I want to shed some light on a problem many steppers cause for the dance. Now I know you come with the express interest of getting your dance on, and that in itself is fantastic. But as I'm at the sets or parties I see many people who are using the different club or banquet facilities that don't spend a penny on even a bottle of water or juice.

How can we expect these businesses to continue to support us if we don't support their businesses? Just because you may pay a cover charge doesn't exempt you from being a responsible stepper by paying for the goods the proprietor is selling. I don't want to hear any of this crap about 'steppers don't drink' because everyone drinks something and it doesn't have to be alcohol.

Last night I went to the first night of the return of the Dyamond Divas' at Club Over 30 Crowd (formerly Club Dyamonds). The place has been remodeled, has a great new sound system and was (unfortunately) missing some seating because their furniture order hadn't been delivered yet. Some temporary seating was set up which is good and we were assured normal seating arrangements would be in place before the next Divas set in two weeks. Photos can be viewed here.

It's now less than a month to Stepaganza and I'm excited. I have my train ticket and I'm ready to go to St. Louis for Memorial Day week. I'm planning on being there from wire to wire and giving you as much info I can during the largest free mega steppers weekend in the country. I'll bring you more info on the Stepaganza events in a few days.

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