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By Tony Rome The Ohio Report #steppersohioreport

Boogie Nights Steppers Set Review

Written by Tony Branch on March 9, 2015.

Every so often a young person comes around that just "get's it", he or she has an old soul. The kind of younger person that absorbs knowledge is thoughtful and introspective. That sees the bigger picture and most important stays the course of tradition and encompasses integrity. Aki Carter aka "Columbus Keyz", I think, has just served notice to those that didn't know or doubted him. 

Boogie Nights had more polyester than any Fire Marshall would advise, but it also had Steppers with the greatest attitudes on the theme. And believe me.. 80% of those in attendance had their 70's attire down pat, and really set the tone for an evening of fun, laughs, and some serious steppin'.

From Alaric "Grits" Green with spraying Soul-Glo on EVERYBODY'S hair, to DJ Chillnite constant 70's verbiage the ENTIRE evening. This set was actually refreshing and quite entertaining every minute of the evening.

DJ Butta and DJ D Real kept the floor packed with a great mix of Old School, and New School cuts, while Selwyn Hodges did a fantastic job MC'ing. It was especially great to finally meet Kazemde Ajamu of GDI (think the highly successful Heritage Ball in Atlanta); as well there were nice attendance from a few outside cities: Indianapolis, Cleveland, Akron, Cincinnati and Dayton each had 2 to 3 tables full of Steppers. The host city of Columbus also showed up as well. With the high number of Birthdays being celebrated in the building Saturday (I counted 21 people), Keyz cut away from the "Traditional" Steppers Birthday dance for obvious reasons, and keep it all the way 70's with a Soul Train Line.

Highlights of the evening:

  • Marc Thomas in the Soul Train Line.
  • LeaQwin Roebuck did an actual "split" in the Soul Train Line.
  • The Best 70's Outfit Contest won by Aric and LeaQwin Roebuck
  • The serenading of DJ Butta by Aric Roebuck, Marc Thomas, Selwyn Hodges, and Leveal Foster, with a special Soul-Glo dusting by Alaric Green. There is video somewhere of this.

All in all, I'd have to give this set out of 10 out of 10. The originality, the music was on point, the venue had ample parking and was easy to find, the laid back, yet super fun atmosphere after this long winter was what the doctor ordered. Good work Aki, I'm looking forward to the 2nd Annual Columbus Rib Fest Weekend feat R&B artist Roszunn July 17-19. See you on "The Wood".

Photo Credits: Rendia Wells Mitchell

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