3-4-2015 Ohio Report

The Ohio Report
By Tony Rome The Ohio Report #steppersohioreport

Getting back to Living

Written by Tony Branch on March 4, 2015.

I've had an especially rough fall and winter, where I'm being tested both physically as well as spiritually. Life has a way I'm told of dishing up curve balls at whatever pace it does, but no one expects them back to back to back! A "Head-On" Car Accident, the lost of Mother, and as of now… Pop's is hospitalized. I think it's a testament to the All-Mighty Up Above, that I'm still around to tell the story. Now on this day, I've decided to get back to living a Fun, Productive, and Loving Life.

I'll be attending my first set since the above mentioned this Saturday, March 7th in Columbus, Ohio. Aki Carter is hosting "Boogie Nights" and has a good list of the Who's Who in the Ohio Steppin' Community attending…

DJ Butta aka Michelle Mason of Oh So Smooth Radio and the 3D's, Renida Mitchell of the 3D's, Marc Thomas of Columbus, Leveal Foster of Akron Rhythm Ryders, and Selwyne Hodges is the Special Guest Emcee.

This set is a 70's themed affair, so it's going to be interesting to see who wins the Best Outfit Contest for both, the men as well as women. I'm sitting here shaking my head now just thinking about how this is gonna go down.

The musical powers of DJ Butta and DJ D-Real will be the sound track for the evening with birthday celebrations for DJ Butta, Leveal Foster, Rhonda Butler, LeaQwin Roebuck, Marc Thomas, and Isi Ikharbha.

If you're in the Ohio area you need to step though and see me for my 1st outing back in over 3 months. The set location is American Legion Post 171, 393 College Avenue, Westerville, OH 43081. Doors open at 8pm, we go until 1pm, and its $15 ATD price, as well as a BYOB deal. I'm looking forward to getting back out on the wood again, Hope to see you there.

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