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Bring Spring Already!

Written by Markie Bee on March 3, 2015.

It's March -- hopefully spring will get here soon. We are getting ready to set the clocks forward this weekend (a sure sign right?). I've been busy updating the site with another upgrade to make it even more user friendly to tablets and cell phones users..

The weather has played havoc with the steppin' community especially in locations east of the Mississippi river. I know in Chicago and Gary sets were cancelled due to inclement weather. I for one will gladly welcome spring!

One thing I wanted to clear up for those who were uninformed. SteppersUSA's reach on Facebook goes much further than one page like other web sites. I made the decision long ago to stick with the Facebook Groups as well as the SteppersUSA Facebook Page. You will notice The Chicago Style Steppers group has 12,778 members, The Steppers Music Group has 14,186 members and the Steppers Events Planning Group has 2,070 members.

I could add them all together and have fun with numbers (I do with a little flyer posted on the site every once in a while) but being obsessed with numbers really isn't what we're all about. Facebook isn't what we're all about either, nor are our presence on Twitter or Google Plus. When we get an events information we post it. When we get some steppers news, we post it. When I hear about something happening in the community, I editorialize about it in this column.

Information is power and we make our best effort to empower the steppers community around the country with information. We have staff members all around the country and when they have something to report we pass it on and it doesn't matter if it's from Chicago or Florida or California or anywhere in between.

As you can see there is no shortage of interest in the music or the dance and that's just based on interest generated on Facebook. All too often we (the steppers community) get into public debates as to what steppin' is and we do a disservice to the dance by doing so. For example a short clip of a video I shot at the Chicago's Largest a few years ago (Westside Mike and Alexis) and has generated over 2 million views.

If you look at some of the comments, you see people fighting over whether or not mike is actually stepping. If you look at the entire clip from start to finish you will see he starts out doing the basic then moves to his own footwork and ends up on beat back with Alexis who has kept time the whole time through the dance. That's steppin by any sane person's definition. If it isn't that means everyone who does footwork isn't steppin and that's ludicrous.

So what does the public see (over 2 million of them)? Steppers battling over a non issue (great public relations huh?) -- Wake-up and let the dance grow and prosper. There shouldn't be a battle there. We should (as a community) encourage more of this.

SteppersUSA is  looking for people who can tell the story to the nation...
I'm looking for staff from Chicago, the East coast (Atlanta, Central Florida, North Carolina), the mid west beyond & including Chicago (Detroit), the west and  on the west coast (San Francisco/Oakland and Seattle). If you take photos -- that's great but it's not necessary (perhaps you know someone who takes photos at the set -- even with a camera phone) we are looking to keep the country informed about the world of steppin in your area.  Shoot me an email!

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