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Nobody Starts At The Top

Written by Markie Bee on March 25, 2015.

Many people ask me how I know what I seem to know about the dance and I tell them one set of things can be attributed to that knowledge. I watch, I listen, I talk and yes I've tried. If we use some common sense things will work out.

Will you be as good as Ice Ray, or Tykmyn or Drew right out of the box? Only very rare cases are. In most cases it takes lots of time watching, listening, talking and doing to get that good. Do you think they all started out as greats? Ask them!

No body starts out at the top of the game. I don't care what you're doing. It could be dance, or any other creative endeavor. At first you're going to stink at it. We have to work hard at getting better using every tool at our disposal.

 If you're a DJ you don't need to go out at first and buy a Mac Book and an expensive mixer with the most expensive software. You need to make your bones. You need that dilapidated old Windows machine with PC DJ and practice for hours in your basement and eventually playing at your third cousin's kid's birthday party for $50. Because it isn't the tools that make the art. It's you.

A photographer can go spend thousands on camera's and equipment but if he doesn't study lighting and shadows his work won't look anything better than what he can shoot with a $100 point and shoot camera. A great photographer works constantly at being better.

A graphic designer who can't draw has no business with a $3,000 electronic drawing table. I've seen real art come on a piece of paper or on a canvas by someone who applied themselves. When I do a job for anyone (no matter what it is I'm doing, I'm giving my all. If I gave anything less I'd be fooling myself.

If you want a $5 logo or a $10 plugger please don't look for me. Those who are looking for those kinds of deals aren't really saving money -- they are exposing who and what they are. These are the same kind of people who would teach you the count and never teach you how to dance (and look what it's done to the dance as a result).

Twenty years ago we had a goal of bringing this dance out of the shadows. In many ways we have; yet there are still many miles to go to bring the dance into the light for the general public. We are doing it despite greed, anger and avarice on some narrow-minded people's part who think they own the dance. Nobody owns the dance. They can't put it into their back pocket and go home with it.

Let's all keep pushing to be better and we might just surprise the world!

Once again Tracey Bivens has written a wonderful must read article -- this time it's Kim Bowie!

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