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The Emerald Set Review

Written by Martin M on March 21, 2015.

Looks like another East Coast “Don't Miss” steppin' event has emerged! The Emerald Set brought to you by one of my favorite steppin' groups, V.A.S.E.F. took place March 13-15th in Chesapeake, Virginia and this year's event showed its growth into a prime steppin' experience.  

Great turnout, dancing atmosphere, warm, happy hosts, thorough organization, unique touches, in-demand Workshops… I can't see why any travelin' steppin' enthusiast would not want to make sure the Emerald Set was on next year's itinerary!

As a Weekend Event promoter myself, I had to sit back and try to analyze the key ingredients in their sauce of success. All the main sets were smashes music and dance-wise but then there were certain added elements during the weekend that made things pop - The Sock Hop After set Friday night at the back Hotel bar and restaurant made the first night end lively, cozy and complete; there was extra dance floor space everywhere through the whole weekend so it was not too crowded and virtually every table had some floor in front of it; the icy and ice cream sales in the lobby during and after the sets were right on (yeah that's right, that was important to me!).

The Step-and-Repeat backdrop for all the photo ops -- all great elements; but also in addition, it's the people and the added spirit they bring, that are the real key to success when you stop and really look. And the Emerald Set had that factor in spades - East Coast steppers friendliness was everywhere, top dancers who stayed on the floor.

Fellas making their way around the entire room so every lady got their groove on, high quality Workshops and dances with the best in the business; Tykman, Doc, Ann Hunter, Charnice; DJ Roy Smooth Shannon cutting it up, and finally and most importantly the hosting skills of the V.A.S.E.F crew.

Chaundra, Hazel, Dwayne, and Linwood, easily some of my favorite steppers to see, dance, and fellowship with on the road - set their usual outstanding tone for everyone from the start with their unique brand of energy, hospitality, and cool, and it continued throughout. It was all good.

The Emerald Set, with its Green and Gold theme, is a great shot of freshness and energy in the spring to set off the stepper's event calendar. As I made my way back up North toward the interstate and NYC on Sunday night, I was thinking of Chaundra's comments on the mic on behalf of all the hosts at the main event. There's a nice East Coast Steppin' family thing developing strong, and we have to support one another and keep it going. Indeed. Thanks V.A.S.E.F. Looking forward to next year!

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