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Blame It On The Weather

Written by Markie Bee on February 5, 2015.

I generally dislike speaking about the weather but it seems it's impact is becoming more significant as time goes on. As I get older I am more hesitant to run out to shovel snow for example. Every year you hear stories about (mostly men) over the age of 55 having heart attacks while shoveling that stuff. With my physical maladies I don't need to be outside shoveling.

I don't think it's just me but... am I noticing in the last couple of years haven't clubs, bars and sets are closing more often due to "extreme weather"? At least I'm noticing that in Chicago. I know in my time I've experienced a lot of "extreme weather" but I swear places have stayed open in worse conditions.

For the first time ever I had someone else dig my car out after being buried by snow. I did start but couldn't finish the job so I got help. I had planned to go to two sets during the week and each time the set was cancelled due to the "extreme weather conditions".

When you think about it, we've had a pretty easy winter in Chicago (especially if you compare our weather to what has been happening in New England this year). Perhaps Boston is the new Buffalo (just kidding but they have been blasted this year while we've drawn the lucky weather card until February).

So last year it was the polar vortex and this year we got a bunch of snow. Like I mentioned earlier I've seen a bunch of "extreme weather" in my years and these events while extreme don't seem to measure up to some of my previous experiences. For example in 1969 I walked to school and went to lunch and walked back to school on the day Chicago got the most snow the area had ever experienced.

In the 1980's (I don't remember the date) we had the coldest weather ever recorded in Chicago and I remember going around my neighborhood jump starting many of my neighbors cars and then driving downtown peering through a small "porthole" of defrosted windshield. No problem. Has media made us less hardy? I can claim aging to be my problem but what about the rest of us?

I know -- I'll try and go to the new first Friday set in Dolton at the N'Zuri Entertainment Center (since I missed my Tuesday set with DJ Eric ET Taylor when the Dating Game succumbed to the weather this week). I haven't been to a set with DJ Dan since the end of his & Cheri Lilly's set at the Island. It seems like a good one to attend with two DJ's teaming the box).

On a side note our Facebook Steppers Music group has just passed another membership milestone as it now has over 14,000 members! As of the latest update we have over 8,900 songs that have been stepped to in our database.

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