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Any Way You Say It...

Written by Markie Bee on February 16, 2015.

So let me get this straight... If you or I have been around the steppers community for two to four years "dancing" it means you're qualified to be in the "Intermediate Category" in the WLSC. Well it isn't the same as the now defunct "Out of Town Category" where the only qualification was you had to be an out of town (not in Chicago) stepper.

When the posting first came up the reaction from the online steppers community was not pretty by any means. Every posting said they didn't like the idea of the category and to put the posts in a nutshell, they were saying it was a bad idea..

Skill levels are not identified however the comments covered that nicely -- literally everyone wants to see the best at the "finals" nobody wants to sit through hours of dancing by people who should have never made it out of the "Preliminaries".

One of the sad effects of letting these wannabe steppers make it to the big show is the belief they can really compete. By not eliminating them when they should have been eliminated gives them a false sense of hope and the previously mentioned false sense they have developed skills good enough to compete.

Other effects of the continual watering down of this contest is the "winners" believe they are good enough to teach other people -- all because they won a category in a contest that is more about money than it's about the dance.

It's been said the WLSC is the showcase for our dance so does this say the dance is a diluted shadow of what it once was because we can't bring only the best of the best to the floor any more because like in the pee wee leagues nobody looses, nobody strikes out? I thought after all these years people would learn.

So it's here now... the OOT category has been replaced by the intermediate category and it seem nine out of ten steppers don't like the idea at all. We know what needs to be done but where's the incentive to do anything about it? As with so many other things in steppin' if someone comes up with a good idea -- it will be cloned to death because it's a good idea! This one won't be cloned because it shouldn't be in the first place.

Nobody will bring a new idea to the table because they know it will be stolen. As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The WLSC is no longer the showcase we want it to be. Too much of it has been removed and no investor who does their homework would put a penny of their money to this contest. Reputation alone isn't going to make it work any longer. All that's left are bones for the buzzards to pick at.

The sad thing is I don't think those responsible realize what damage they are doing to the dance. The public is sick of all the changes they've said what they want and the only thing they know is they're being ignored. At some point they (the public) will turn around and you'll wonder why they won't come back.

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