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6th Anniversary All Black Steppers Afffair

Written by Lisa Luckett on November 9, 2015.

Janice Sills-Hopkins, Dana White-Scott, Shiryl Moss-Pierce and Bridgett L. Carter are the sweethearts of the Ladies of Steel Steppers organization and they represent well. Recently they hosted their 6th year anniversary even though the plugger says 7th year. It was too late go undo the mistake but that's okay we still love them just the same. They hosted their 6th Anniversary All Black Steppers Affair at the Elegant Elks Lodge in Hobart, IN. It was a success, their functions are always on and poppin. They have a following from Chicago to St. Louis, Detroit and from everywhere in between. there was even a young lady that drove all the way from Columbus, Ohio to enjoy in the festivities.


Along with hosting their 6th year anniversary, they hosted their 1st holiday season food drive which will help local families enjoy a brighter holiday season. These ladies also volunteer and give back to the community on an individual basis as well, especially local women shelters.

According to Janice, these ladies work very well together, each enjoys being a member of the group and are elated to be a part of the organization.. It's really good when a group of women can bring their awesomeness to the table and be on one accord.

In my opinion, every one of these ladies has a beautiful spirit about themselves and are well loved by many and they represent the "Steel City" well. It says a lot when you sell out an event. WONDERFUL JOB LADIES!.

Stay tuned for the Steppin In White party!

View the photos here.

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