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By Tony Rome The Ohio Report #steppersohioreport

Rhythm Ryders of Akron Night Fall Set

Written by Tony Branch on October 27, 2015.

This past Saturday, DJ Paul, Keith Purnell, and I hopped into the car and head north bound for a 3 hour trip to 'Get It In' with the Rhythm Ryders of Akron at their Night Fall set. 

It's always refreshing, and inspiring in the age of a sometimes dysfunctional steppin' community, to attend a set that has cohesion, fun, and a downright genuine love and respect for one another, and egos were checked at the door.  

The Rhythm Ryders of Akron are on a mission to reach and promote self-expression through Steppin' by:
• Providing uplifting opportunities to socialize and learn
• Assisting individuals in building confidence through dance
• Exposing the community to the benefits of social dance

The group consist of seven member: Shelbra, Joy, Trina, Ivy, Jennifer (The Steppers Angela Davis), Leveall, and Tabaka, have been in existence since 2009, and host a weekly set that they've termed "Rhythm Ryding", and the name just carried over.

The Night Fall Set was more than well attended by the Steppers from across the northern cities in Ohio as well as Detroit (Sherry Gordon, Ed Donaldson, James Pacely, Dave Leo and Michelle Bradley), Cleveland (DJ Butta, Rendia, and Allen Davis of 3D's, as well as Donald Gardner, Lolita Hita, Choc & Shuga James, Nica Farrow, Tammy Caldwell, Keith Lowe, Greg Rashid and Philicia Campbell) Columbus (Marc Thomas, Aki Carter, Joe Middlebrooks, Kandi Harmon, Chuck "Cheese" Chambers, Niki & DeWayne Ebron and Marcel & Angela Snowden) Dayton & Cincy were also in the building (Jermaine & April Burns, Sonya Wallace, & Dee Embry) as well there was a nice Chicago presence in the building (Swan, Pony Mack, Josiah Burt, Bobby Taylor & Glenn Ellington).

The place was packed to capacity, so much that during the course of the evening somehow, someway they floor actually moved towards the DJ Booth, that the Musical Director DJ Shorty Smooth actual took notice and mentioned so on the microphone.

Speaking of Mykel, he did his usual of keeping the floor packed, but he also did something that caught my ear and was very much appreciated. He had a segment in which he hits attendees with nothing but Old School Classics. In this day and age of 100 bpm's, I personally appreciated the music he played, and Ed Donaldson showed his as well as he WENT IN on Imagination by Earth, Wind, and Fire.

I commend the Rhythm Ryders on being able to attract such a diverse, classy, and sophisticated group of supporters. It shows the integrity group isn't lost nor compromised. The trip was well worth the lower back ache I have from riding and dancing for a combine 10 straight hours, but hey….such is the life of a Stepper.

 See more photos from the event here

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