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Another star has Risen...

Written by Markie Bee on January 6, 2015.

The tragic loss of Damita Collins in such a violent manor really took me off of my square for more than a minute.

I got to know Damita through Steppin' Luther (Gucci) and Taboo in the years preceding the first "Chicago's Largest" contest. She was smart and wise beyond her years as well as a stabilizing force to those around her. Did I mention she was one hell of a stepper too?

I've watched and photographed her burn up the dance floor on many occasions and if I have any regrets it would be never getting in that interview with Danita that we both wanted to do. Time just got past us and now it's too late in this lifetime. I'll get that story when the time comes but in the meantime I exist on this plane of existence.

I've spoke with her husband after Luther kind of put us together and he thanked me for putting the facts out for the public so quickly after learning about the tragedy. Luther knows I got some flack from some corners about my approach to news, and made sure I understood the people who were the closest to Damita were cool with my style.

I know a lot of people love Damita and if you have photos or videos and are not on Facebook and want them posted just get them to me and I'll make sure they get seen by the public.

Before this happened I was preparing a story about yet another instructor/promoter who has proven to be toxic to the steppers community on the west coast. I'll take care of that business a bit later. It's time to reflect and feel the grief for the loss of a friend in the community of legends that's so small.

SteppersUSA is  looking for people who can tell the story to the nation...
I'm looking for staff from Chicago, the East coast (Atlanta, Central Florida, North Carolina), the mid west beyond & including Chicago (Detroit), the west and  on the west coast (San Francisco/Oakland and Seattle). If you take photos -- that's great but it's not necessary (perhaps you know someone who takes photos at the set -- even with a camera phone) we are looking to keep the country informed about the world of steppin in your area.  Shoot me an email!

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