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I'm Not An Instructor - But...

Written by Markie Bee on January 27, 2015.

I'm not a steppers instructor by any means but I do know a bit about the dance. I was on Facebook yesterday when I noticed a post about an instructor that was bragging about teaching 10 different turns in the dance. The writer (Swan) and I both took a deep breath before saying they learned about three turns when they learned the dance.

I tend to agree there are only three turns (Left, right and half) everything else is a variation of one of the three or more. Yes there are different variations to everything and steppin' is no different but when it comes to the basics -- well; they are the basics!

The basics of the dance don't include a count or any variation from what Aunt Sally taught you in the kitchen when you were just a little bit. They are the basics. The basics is a pattern of footsteps which follow the rhythm and cadence of the music and we call it stepping. They are the basics.

To be a stepper, you don't need to be in anyone's class, you don't have to be in anyone's contest, you don't have to go to anyone's set or party... you just have to learn the basic pattern and those three turns I mentioned before. You can do it at home with or without a partner. In some cases you can do it at work. That's steppin' for you -- it's versatile.

It's all style -- your style that makes the dance different from most dances. As long as you come back to that basic pattern and those three turns you're steppin' and you're doing it like nobody else in the world.

People get messed up when they see someone do a particular "move" and try to replicate it yes it's fine to learn from someone else's moves but create something new and different for yourself and your partner! It get's monotonous watching 30 different people on the dance floor executing the same move over and over again! It's not very original is it?

See, that's the thing... I've always been led to believe the best steppers were original in their dance -- there have been times I questioned that while watching the so-called heavy hitters work the floor and continue to do the same old routines even when they are dancing for fun and recreation! Wake up! It's the originality that makes stepping what it's supposed to be!

I've said it before real steppin' goes beyond but always returns to the basic. That's why I've called it fusion in the past and will continue to call it fusion because no matter how you put it the dance is a true fusion of music and dance and style and individuality and the sooner those who call themselves steppers realize it the better off all of us will be in the end.

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