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Press The Flesh

Written by Markie Bee on January 22, 2015.

I 'm learning all sorts of stuff in the new Steppers Planning Group (SPG) -- I guess it's not so much learning but recognizing things like we don't plan far enough into the future for many of our events. We rush to put the events together and within two months the event is over.

Something else I knew but don't talk about enough is the fact that many "promoters" don't read. When they are added to a group, they just see it as an opportunity to post their flyers without even seeing what's happening in the group they were added to. I've seen it happen in all the different groups on Facebook I administer.

There are some promoters who only (apparently) have their own interests at heart and just post away without paying attention to the groups. I'll tell you a secret... the groups are there for a reason, and in most cases it's not just to blind post a plugger and move on.

I know -- I've done it in the past myself. BUT it's still a good idea to visit the group pages and interact with the group members. Remember its social media (too many have taken the social out of the equation. And then they wonder why their events aren't what they used to be (or should have been).

In the days before the internet and Facebook people would come to a set and spend some time plugging and socializing with each other. It created that personal feeling you get when you socialize with other human beings. Much of that has been lost these days because those who still do plugging don't have or make the time to be social like in the old days.

It comes down to customer service. With this personal approach word of mouth is your best possible form of advertising and when you make it personal you get plenty of word of mouth in a positive way. It works at sets and events and it works in the groups on Facebook.

Taking the time to socialize in the groups will pay off in attendance and is well worth the effort. Give it a shot it will be worth your while to engage your customers and fellow steppers. It's a way to measure your success - not how many pluggers you hand out but how many people you engage. That flyer is a tool to help you make the sale. You still have to make the sale.

It appears many people don't or won't read what you put out there and you could loose them as a customer (potential or real) by not shaking their hand and inviting them to come to your set! That's why you see so many of the promoters traveling across the country. They're pressing the flesh and completing that sale.

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