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Markie Bee[3/6/2012 The Steppers Beat]
Catch 22
By Markie Bee
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It isn't easy to make choices but... #steppersbeatcolumn

Catch 22 isn't just the name of what is now an old movie but a phrase that indicates you're damned if you do and damned if you don't.

I seem to be in quite a few of those types of situations recently. It must mean something really good is in my future. It all comes down to making the right choices. Many of the choices are just plain no-brainers but others are quite major. Thank goodness stepping doesn't bring with it many major decisions... or does it?

I was glad to hear that my initiative to promote folks to support locally is supported by the president of the United States. He mentioned supporting local businesses in our hometowns a bunch of times in his briefing today that was televised nationally. So do your patriotic thing and support your local events even more this year than before.

There's always a lot of peer pressure built up to go to those so-called mega national events and I'm not saying to stay away from them because I know the promoters are going to build on that peer pressure until you feel compelled to go (or at least feel guilty for not going).

Many of the promoters/Party Planners work throughout the year to put together the events but at the same time there's no reason the exact same thing can't be done in each city by local promoters/Party Planners . Of course each would have its own flavor and therein lays the catch 22 and you have to make the decision to support your own locally or support a promoter in another city.

Many promoters/Party Planners  travel to other cities promoting their events and of course in return if you want to promote your event you're expected to attend their event. It's a "nasty cycle of support" which never ends. Imagine the savings possible without all the extra travel expenses to support in hopes they will support you so you can support them and on and on...
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Imagine how much more you could budget for advertising and promotion if you didn't have to make all of those trips? Imagine the vacation you could take if you didn't have to budget all of those "support trips" if you'd only work on developing a stronger home front.

Don't think you'd have a national presence? Who are you kidding? If you've been spending all of that time on the road and haven't established your name as a national player by now you might just be in the wrong business. What does it mean to give back locally anyway? Come on now!

With all the steppers in Chicago there should be a whole lot of pressure on the promoters/Party Planners  to make the big events happen here but at the same time other cities have developed a pretty good following (or at least they SHOULD HAVE by now) where they shouldn't have to leech off of Chicago and other cities to make their big events a success. Steppers know they do. Another catch 22!

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Last Column:
Are You Serious?

If you're serious about stepping... #steppersbeatcolumn

I've made a list but it's not an ordinary list. It's not a top 10 list; although there are 10 items in it... I'm going to call it "The 10 things every serious stepper needs to know."

Most folks know me as a photographer in the steppers community and in a year I usually take thousands of photos of people on the dance floor. It's a passion of mine. I don't really do wedding photos or studio work; I just work the floor in search of a great photo of a move.

I also spend a fair amount of time studying photography techniques and read a lot about cameras and how to use them from experts on the web. Recently, I saw a video that was in a word... impactful. It was titled 10 things every serious photographer should know.

Everything the people said on the 1 hour and 10 minute long video said were words to live by for photographers and a template for success should one wish to move forward with their photography.

I'm also a writer and I started thinking about and applying some thought to how something similar would (or could) work for steppers who are trying to be the best at what they do so based on the same ten item list and mostly the same types of thought patterns I came up with a list of my own for steppers. I really don't know how complete the list really is but it is pointed toward achievement and that seems to be what steppers wants or needs... achievement.

"The 10 things every serious stepper needs to know."

1. Look at other current steppers' work
You may love the old skool and you should have the "basic rules of the dance" perfectly framed in your mind but watch what people are doing today within that framing and learn from what they are doing. It might be a move or a combination. Watch it and learn how they set it up and executed it and put it in your mind's archive so you can refer to it later. Continued and Comment

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Catch 22 Are You Serious?
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