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Markie Bee[3/4/2012 The Steppers Beat]
Move Over Kid!
By Markie Bee
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Two sides of the same coin... #steppersbeatcolumn

Stereotypes and age of steppers may just be an interesting discussion for our community to consider.

When you think about people and their perceptions of what is old its amazing how not only has the physical fact that people are living longer but people are staying active much later in life.

Forty years ago living into the 70's meant you're going to be considered really old. Today you can effectively slide that scale around 15 years. I hear on the news media people being born in the new millennium have a much greater chance of living to be 100 or older than at any point in history.

What does that do to the term "middle aged" and our approach to life? People have changed their outlook as a result of a longer life span. My generation considered the mid-thirties to be middle aged but now both physically and behaviorally that scale has moved up.

How many times have we heard the term 50 is the new 40? That's getting later and later too. Those are straight up facts but how will that affect the steppers community? We can't stereotypically pigeon hole people who have reached what we once considered old as being old.
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(Perhaps) unfortunately (or fortunately) for the new skool that means you can tack another 10 or 15 years on to having to deal with the old skool and (perhaps) fortunately for the old skool... you may have to deal with the new skool for another 10 or 15 years of sharing the dance floor.

I'm sure a 70 year old won't be moving like a 40 year old on the floor but the fact is more of them will be there in the future than ever before. As it is now there are quite a few steppers/boppers who are still hitting the dance floor in quite a few places in Chicagoland now. As the baby-boom generation ages; those numbers will expand greatly and for a longer period of time.

I was wondering if you have imagined yourself stepping into your 70' or 80's or'90's or even later? It could create some opportunities don't you think? Comments?

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Last Column:
The Spirit Of The Dance

And the whole point is... #steppersbeatcolumn

Last night I made a note to myself to speak to the heart and soul and spirit of the dance when I wrote today's Steppers Beat column.

I've thought about it all night and most of the day. I've reflected back over the years and considered what many of those who've been in the community many more years than I have been had to say.

I actually try to do that any time I write but this particular time I'm not sure... it kind of bothers me... sort of like something is wrong or missing. Have some steppers (to steal the phrase from the Righteous Brothers song), "lost that loving feeling?"

If that is the case I want to know why. In many instances it may be a case of what I'll call "lost style" in the dance by some steppers. Sure they have the mechanics of the dance under their belt but it's obvious many of those same people aren't feeling the music. You can see it in their dance.

In some cases it's (the dance) has become an aerobic exercise where they go through the motions or in some cases they are so focused on doing the mechanics "correctly" they aren't really dancing they're just going through the motions.

I can very easily lay blame on instructors who themselves don't have a full understanding of the dance beyond the mechanics. What I mean when I say that is many might be able to dance and look good but aren't really able to effectively teach what they do on the dance floor. Continued and Comment

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Move Over Kid! The Spirit Of The Dance
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