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Markie Bee[2/2/2012 The Steppers Beat]
Fanatics Are Fans
By Markie Bee
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Getting THAT feeling on the floor. #steppersbeatcolumn

You can always tell when the people behind Facebook are doing something major behind the scenes. Of course it's been no secret they are planning on converting everyone to the timeline layout in our personal profiles.

The site gets sort of sluggish, pages time out, did I say sluggish? It's my guess they've started the mass transformation. Prepare to complain... that's what we're all supposed to do when there is a change. At some point we come to accept the changes just so we can complain about the next round of changes.

Anyway I was visiting the group I decided to name "Dance Fanatics" That's not the real name but the name I gave it is very descriptive of the content and the people in the group. And they have been talking about what I've been referring to for ages...

That's getting THAT feeling from a dance. Of course the majority of the people in the group seem to be steppers (I probably wouldn't be there otherwise I really don't have much interest in anything but this dance but I can now say I know where the spinning really came from in new skool stepping).

It is the dance fanatics that make the most noise in any dance genre (before anyone gets their knickers in a bunch know this... the word FAN is derivative of the word fanatic) I'm sure many of the people reading this right now are fans of the dance. You know what... that's a good thing!

When the fans become obsessed with their opinions of themselves and their skills and talents that's the part of the definition of fanatic I'm afraid we see way too often. When I'm reading about the lead yanking the partner around the dance floor and just about causing dislocations I know that lead is so full of himself... he's become fanatic in the wrong way.
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When the lady travels from city to city searching for the perfect dance... that's a fanatic in the wrong way. She needs to click her ruby slippers three times and say there's no place like home. I read about how rude some dancers are (not just steppers) and I laugh (nervously) because it points out larger problems than what is presented on the social dance setting.

I know of a couple of instructors who openly admit at some point in their dance experience they thought they were "all that much plus a bag of chips" on the dance floor only to find out later they were nothing more than "a hot mess."

Sometimes we are a bit booshwah (just an itty bitty bit) about our dance and our abilities. We crown many incomplete dancers as our kings and queens (or should I say our heavy hitters) when only a very few truly deserve to wear the crowns.

We need to grow and expose this dance to a much wider audience so the real talent pool can be challenged and so the cream can rise to the top. We have to realize not only does cream rise but so does scum and we need to be able to see it for what it is so it can be removed. Keep on fans! You rule the game fans! It's your game fans!

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Today's Steppers Beat Column is sponsored by Steppers West Associates 2012 Steppers Jam 3

It put me in shock! #steppersbeatcolumn

I went to bed early this morning about 5am after a long night of getting things together for the beginning of the month. It's always a hectic time when a new month rolls in with certain things to take care of and I surprised my self when I finished early.

When I woke at around 8ish the first thing I hear is Don Cornelius at the age of 75 had taken his own life. I sat there in shock at first... not at the fact that a 75 year old was dead or even that he shot himself... This was Don Cornelius for crying out loud!

I recalled stories Herb Kent told me about Don and sure enough a bit later on Facebook I saw a YouTube video of Herb doing an interview with Don from the V-103 studios recalling some of those same stories. I'm sure Herb's show this weekend is going to be a monster tribute.

Perhaps in a strange way with our attention on Don Cornelius that it's fitting today is the first day of Black History Month because of what he ended up giving the community. When he syndicated Soul Train the show portrayed African American youth in a completely different way than what was represented on the news. It became the longest running syndicated show in television history Continued and Comment

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Fanatics Are Fans A Major Loss
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