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[9/12/2008 SteppersUSA News]
The Best Stepping Music
By Markie Bee
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Billboard magazine has been celebrating it's 50th anniversary this year and they rolled the top 100 songs from their hot 100 charts dating back to the chart's beginnings in 1958. It got me to wondering what songs do you think should be on a list of the top 5 (or even 10) steppers songs of all time? After I posted this yesterday, I thought about it some more and I think I may have phrased it incorrectly when I asked for your submissions. We need to know what are your favorite stepping songs. They can be from any era, be it old skool straight up stepping songs, to new skool music you love to step to. (Now imagine me using my best Ronco infomercial voice) But wait! There's more! If you're a walker, what are your favorite walking tunes? If you love to dance trio, what are your favorite songs to trio to?
I realize many of you may not know of 5 or 10 songs by  name or even the artist names for that matter, so If you know the name of a song or two and the artist names, that would be cool. I know some music myself and have a few steppers DJ friends who will help if I need to ask.
Send SteppersUSA your list of your favorite steppers songs of all time. I'll compile a list of those songs and publish that list. I might even put together a poll for everyone to create a "final ranking" like Billboard did. If you have a link to the You Tube video that accompanied the song, be sure to include that. Send SteppersUSA an email with your list.

The Best Stepping Music Killer Tips

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Classic Steppers Music Key to the World L J Reynolds


If you or anyone you know has any photos, footage or information about or from any Steppers contests for the History of Stepping Project, I'd love to add it to what we have. It's Your History! OR If you have a personal recollection concerning stepping or if you care to help with the  in any manner, please Send us an email.

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Support the History of Stepping Project

Please copy the message below and send it on to as many steppers as you can please!

This is an open message to ALL steppers. Please share it with as many people as possible.

 As many of you may already know I started a new web site for the benefit of the greater steppers community. It's called History of Stepping Project. I wish to encourage you to add your knowledge to the timeline. If you know anything about stepping, please share this with the public on this site. We are looking for all information related to stepping from it's beginnings to the present. The information literally includes everything from clubs and bars which held steppers sets and parties to contests and the participants and results, to when different steppers organizations and classes started, who the instructors were and are; Musical bands, and artists, DJ's, radio and television personalities, Movies, videos, and photos… literally everything stepping.
Creating an accurate historic timeline will go a long way toward helping the community take the next step in its logical progression as it continues to grow nationwide and will become a valuable resource for all in the future.
Your input, your knowledge and your effort have made the dance what it is today. Don't you feel your place (and your organization's) in the timeline is well deserved? I do!
Please send an email to your members or readers inviting them to participate. Place a link on your web site also please. All support is appreciated!

The effort requires more than just posting the information. The need for fact checkers, people willing to do some research exists in this important ongoing project. Just a few minutes a week can make a difference.

Thank You for your time!

Markie Bee
The History of Stepping Project

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Steppers Special Events Details

Friday September 12, 2008

Click to see full - sizedABCAP
Breast Cancer Awareness Gala + Tribute
Galleria Marchetti
825 W. Erie Chicago, IL
312-608-6358 www.abcap.org
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Click to see full - sizedThem Steppin Kats
Arizona Charlies
Mesa Room
740 S. Decatur Las Vegas NV
8pm - 1am
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Carolinas' Steppers Connection
Tuscany Coffee House
2100 Cloverdale Ave., Winston Salem, NC
9pm - 11pm
$3 Door
336-624-9102 or www.carolinasteppin.com
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Greg Rashid + DJ Thrill
LaRobbs Night Club
10300 Union Ave., Cleveland, OH
9pm - Until
216-632-0312 or www.gthenextstep.com
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Ultimate Swing Event
The Perfect Place
2417 W. Park Row, Arlington, TX
8pm - 2am
$10 Door
214-893-1162 or www.sosoftsol.com
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